Pharaonic Guardian v0.1.1

Hello, and welcome to my weird little game. I've been a big fan of the card game Yu-gi-oh for years, and I always thought that the world that the monsters inhabit would be a fun and weird place to explore. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, or if the inconsistent tone of the cards would make it unfeasible, but I really haven't seen too many people try to do anything with it. I figure the worst case scenario is that I can make a few practice games out of the concept until I get better with RPG Maker.

So this one is based on the old set "Pharaonic Guardian" , which was one of the first sets to really have a theme running through the cards, that of ancient Egypt. Lots of desert creatures and mummies, that sort of thing.  The whole set practically screams "Pyramid", so that's what I have  here.

This version Is the start of me decorating and setting up the events and triggers that will make the place worth exploring. I've only got a few rooms right now, but that will soon change...

Enjoy, and feedback is always welcome.

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Jul 11, 2017

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